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//  Research Scholar Training at the IDC: School of Design, IIT Bombay //


// Piled Higher and Deeper a.k.a Doctor of Philosophy brief worldview* //

*the tone of voice in the content is a deliberate choice as the PhD times at IIT Bombay gave us a 'JoY of Learning'

  and training the mind as a researcher to keep patience! Post-PhD you miss those times of selfless exchange,

  learning and sharing that are amazing memories to stay in head and heart always!

Not only does any PhD sees the light at the end of the tunnel; the more joyous and rich learning

is a culmination of lots of experiments, discourses, field trips, inter-city travels and jet lags,

finding peaceful abode like a rishi in a village as well as the design science kinda approaches: simulations, patterned language(s), upskilling in indigenous methods as 'makers', visual ergonomics, creativity and imagination in the Einsteinian way, Cognition in Design, research

in play to design for children, etc. etc.


In addition, you develop a research partnership along with your guide as well as interrogations

will happen as well from your guide and faculty panel during the much-awaited-to-grill research seminars. In all scenarios, your guide is the only ray of hope you know could save you from procrastination!


Well, 'Methodology' seems to nail in your head as the silver-lining!...henceforth, there goes a

chain of  practice-led / based hypothesis, research plan(s), method(s), etc. (this is subject to sudden transitions in accordance with your PhD year as part of this enriching; yet amusing adventure)...


...there are times when the blue skies and the greens on earth may swipe positions (visually speaking), identities and even meaning!!

Nonetheless, any design student (after masters in design) who wishes to pursue a research mindset and take forward this training to make a career in academia would sail through the amazing ocean of research with the most memorable learnings as part of Higher Education!     

You get trained to question, think, analyze and deliberate everything that the world of design      has around you.


The ultimate Holy Grail: PhD is among the Best Trainings to be proactive as a researcher in your teaching as well as professional practice as a design educator!

// Courses undertaken to strengthen foundations at IIT Bombay (2009-10) //




  •   Mini Project - I, IDC, IITB

  •   Mini Project - II, IDC, IITB

Journal Publications:

The International Journal of Visual Design, under Design Principles and Practices,

The Univerity of Illinois IL, Chicago, USA (2015)


Cultural Syndrome, University of Indraprasta, Jakarta, Indonesia (2020)



PhD Research (2009 - 2015): it's hard earned!...

...for hard copy of thesis; kindly refer that directly from the library at IDC, IIT Bombay

Thesis Abstract with recommendations on RG...yayee!!

The Main Contribution >> recently presented and published 

Publications with my guide and mentor >> here

PhD Alumni page >> here

Other Involvements during doctoral studies:

(2010): Invited Talks for Typography course for M.Des, VC

(2012): Co-ordinated student design team for Identity and Branding, Typography Day 2012

Design Team and all credits >> here

Design Installations >> Gallery 1  &   Gallery 3

Earnestly, Thank you very much IDC, IIT Bombay!


After defending PhD thesis in 2015, was charged up and till date the habit of articulations,

analysis and findings, etc. go happily overboard. What's life without curiosity, experiences &

new discoveries!! Forever Thankful to Dr Subir Dey, IIT Delhi to illustrate this....

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