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TYPOGRAPHY for M.Des2019 1st Sem_NID_201

 Areas of Teaching Practice   

  •  Graphic Design (intro & studio-based courses)

  •  Environmental Graphic Design / Way finding               & Navigation Science

  •  Visual Identity and Branding

  •  Elements and Principles of Design

  •  Information Visualisation

  •  2D Digital Graphics

  •  Representation Techniques

  •  Visual Culture, Visual Theory

  •  Communication Studies & Semiotics  

  •  Field Research Methods

  •  Typography   

Team Teaching-Learnings areas:

  •  Emerging Scenarios

  •  Indic Type Design

  •  Instructional Design Process

  •  Publication Design

  •  Portfolio Design

Course developed for VID [Pune]

Courses developed at NID

Courses developed at IIT Guwahati




B.Des level


M.Des level

       Textile Design, NID

Invited Lectures / Sessions

       Design, NID)

​       for B.Des, 4th sem. (Textile Design, NID)

  •  1-Week Inputs | Course:                                      'Communication Graphics' for M.Des,                     2nd sem. (Textile Design, NID)

  •  Career Councelling to local school children (Research Conclave'17, IITG)


Organized Lectures / Special Sessions

  •  Designing Glyphs & Technology Inputs   for 2- days Typography II for M.Des (IITG) 

  •  Understanding Letter Shapes through the  science  shape shifting alloys for B.Des   students  (NID) with Professor (Dr) Ranjit Konkar

  •  Research Methods for documentation (a half-   day session) by Prof. Swasti S Ghai, Textile   Design faculty, NID for course Introduction   to   Field Work  for B.Des, Graphic Design,   NID Ahmedabad

  • Tamil Typography by D. Udaya Kumar for           B.Des  students (IITG)

Anchoring for Project-based Courses 

B.Des level

  •  Design Project I (Graphic Design Systems)

M.Des level

  • Design Project II (Content, Context &           Interactions)

  • Design Project III (Strategies for Visual      Communication  Systems)

Diverse Design Projects Supervised

(2017 - 2020 at NID Ahmedabad)

This diversity documentation covers both semester-driven and degree design projects

undertaken by B.Des and M.Des students at NID Ahmedabad under my supervision.

Published & Displayed Teaching-Learning Model Approaches from TYPOGRAPHY courses

(conducted for M.Des in 2015 & 2016, IIT Guwahati) at International Conferences

Paper Published at 7th International Conference of Research into Design (ICoRD'19), IISc Bengaluru

Students' Typography course display at 

Typography Day 2015, IIT Bombay

Paper Published at Himalayan Language

Symposium 22 (HLS 22) conference,

IIT Guwahati

Typography Assignment works: course displays by M.Des2015 batch, DoD, IIT Guwahati were

displayed as part of students' work display exhibits at Typography Day 2016 

PRAYUKTI 2014 by B.Des 2012, 2013 students exhibiting all course works

Guest of Honour: Professor (Dr.) Gautam Biswas, Former Director, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

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